Hegarty & Co Solicitors 
are a well established lead ing law firm in Waterford City centre. The family-run business has served the surrounding area with constructive practical advice for over 37 years, attributing success to its investment in people and exacting attention to detail.
The challenge was to help H&Co design a new identity system that would reposition them as a modern progressive firm while assuring it retains strong relationships with its founding client base.
A competitive analysis was performed to identify differentiation within the region, this ensured the new identity would standout and remain visually competitive in this already crowded sector.

Having identified the need to redefine H&Co’s visuals across all touch-points the process began searching the existing identity for opportunities to advance and improve upon. This included combining research findings with collaborative feedback and creative insight to arrive at a solution that holds true to the brief while standing out amongst its competitors.

An elegant logotype, simplified color palette, and bold modern typographic system help to deliver a sophisticated identity that retains H&Co’s heritage and aligns with the company’s primary value of client-focused care.
From one central set of core ideas we defined two separate identities, brand and corporate, both with clear and consistent visual strategies. As we reflected on our approach, we saw a real opportunity to stand out from local and National competitors. The new brand expresses kollect's assurance to scale on a multinational level while remaining true to our core values.
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