Concert strings
WIT Music School has been providing music education to Waterford and its environs for over thirty years. Tuition is offered to both individual and group classes, combined with award winning choral and orchestral ensembles. WIT Music School can offer a music education to suit all ages.
WMS looked to develop a new flexible graphic system for their upcoming performance event. A fresh modernist treatment was applied to the poster series then extended further to cover complementary elements such as a souvenir ticket and program. 
Design elements include a series of modern patterns and coloured shapes overlaid onto renaissance styled imagery. Drawing on Modernist principles found in neoclassicism I employed a visual strategy of simplicity, symmetry and mathematics. These principles were seen as virtues of the arts in Ancient Greece & Rome that infuse society with vanity, art & culture.
The projects versatility comes from its assured typographic hierarchy, which effortlessly delivers information across multiple channels seamlessly with refreshing sense of order.
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